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Tiles and pavements that imitate the hydraulic tile

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The hydraulic tiles are not new within the world of building materials. In fact, they have been used for more than a hundred years. It is very common to find them in old houses. The hydraulic tile used for floors and walls, is basically cement that is then colored to give it that special look.

How wash towels so they last longer and in better shape

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Over time the towels tend to break down, become thinner and absorb less. That is why it is important to follow a couple of tips so that they are in good condition for longer. Washed When you release towels it is advisable to wash them first to remove the excess of softness due to a

Tips or tips to enjoy a more spacious bathroom

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Mirrors The mirrors always give more amplitude and if they are also placed in a landscape we will get a feeling of more space. We can find them integrated in the same bathroom furniture but we can also choose to be completely independent, with or without shelves. It will depend on your tastes and needs.

Thinking about changing the bathtub for a shower tray? Roger that !

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Currently it is very common to see renovated bathrooms in which the bathtub has been forgotten and has been transformed into a comfortable shower, seems to be settling down as if it were a fashion as, increasingly, the reforms in bathrooms are made with dishes of shower and not with bathtubs. The showers offer multiple

Ideal temperature for a shower

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Our body suffers the changes of the different seasons. Therefore, the effects and care have to adapt to the changes. Seasons With the heat, sweating is inevitable and that makes us need to shower more regularly. In addition to needing the feeling of freshness that gives us water. It is advisable that the

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