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In Benidorm

Change your old bathtub for a shower on the same day

There are many people who usually live in Benidorm but we must take into account how that number increases with the people who come there seasonally many of these people have their own apartment to which they come in more or less long periods, but when they approach the coast of Benidorm they find that they want to make some kind of reform in their home and they do not know where to turn one of these examples is to change the bathtub for a Shower tray. The advantages are obvious:
Eliminating the bathtub we get rid of unnecessary barriers that do not facilitate access. Changing the bathtub by a non-slip shower plate we will have a large bathroom that will prevent possible slips.

In SoloDucha we want to facilitate that task and we have three basic steps to make it as easy as possible for people to enjoy their new shower:

  • Free visit to Budget.
  • Choice of desired materials.

  • Completion of the work in a single day.

1.- The first thing we do is visit the person to make a reliable measurement and to be able to make a budget adjusted to what they they want.

SoloDucha has some standard offers but they can be personalized and combined among them.
To ask for a budget they can call us at the toll free 900 907 721 or through the web.

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2.- At the time of choosing the materials we have wide variety of possibilities.

Shower trays

It is important to choose the one that suits most what we need the fact that they are non-slip shower trays is something very important to have in mind that we are going to make the change from bathtub to shower tray so we want it to give us security when showering and inhabit possible slips.
The range of colors and textures is varied and we can choose the one that best suits our tastes.
Of course of different measures that can be adapted to what we need.

Shower screens

The possibilities of shower screens are very extensive.
We recommend screens with tempered glass security.
Glass is very reliable and high quality as well as economic.
We can choose different combinations of doors (a fixed door plus a sliding ,all two fixed sliding + 2 slides ).
It is advisable that they have an antical treatment and more in this area , this treatment will keep the shower screen clean as well as being easier to clean it.
We can also decant if we want by some kind of screen printing. There are different drawings that can be combined with the screen that we choose

Other elements

Other element to choose would be the tile. when we remove the bathtub there is a space without tiling and usually is not possible to get the best option and we do it in most cases is to opt for another that combines.

Is also a good time to renew the faucet single or thermostatic.

Finally there are people who tend to decant by some accessories (stools, towel racks, baskets)

3.- Once all the elements are chosen, a date is programmed to change the bath by shower and in a single day is ready.

It is a great advantage for people who come to enjoy their apartment in Benidorm that the inconveniences are the minimum and that they can continue enjoying those days with a comfortable and perfect renovated space to enjoy

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