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Change bathtub by shower in Denia.

Change your bathtub for a shower tray now!

Currently, there are many families who make the decision to reform their bathrooms in order to make them safer and more comfortable. There are many homes that discover the benefits of having a shower instead of a bathtub: ease of access, greater space, water savings and great functionality that translates into a well-being for the whole family.


Having a shower is a benefit and, changing your current bathtub with a non-slip shower tray is an investment for the future. Most accidents in the home occur in bathrooms and we want to help reduce this number. Our elders deserve the maximum security but not only them also the kids of the house or ourselves.

The demands of households do not understand borders, therefore, in only shower we have decided to get to where people are who need to change their bathtub for a safer and more current shower, offering our services with the same quality, the same good prices that in the area of ​​Alicante, the same conditions and of course, the same installation time: in less than a working day you will have your shower installed and ready.

Our offers are created thinking of our clients, designs adapted to the tastes and declarations of the homes that demand us: classic, modern, avant-garde, minimalist baths … what is yours? What challenges does it pose?

We are professionals and specialists in the sector of reforms and, above all, of bathrooms. We work with an efficiency that results in good results and in the gratitude and satisfaction of our customers.

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