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Improve your bathroom by changing bathtub by shower in Villajoyosa

We are always looking for a more suitable space and SoloDucha offers you the fastest and cheapest way, with top quality materials installed by the best professionals.

It is clear that with the change of the bathtub for a shower, in addition to gaining a larger space in which to shower every day with greater safety and comfort, we will get a more attractive and current bathroom.

Además sólo necesitará un día para renovar ese espacio y poder estrenar un plato de ducha antideslizante.

The first step is to finalize a free interview without commitment, you can do it through the web www. soloducha is or by calling our toll free number 900 907 721.

In that visit we will make the measurement to be able to advise you of the different options as to what type of shower tray is the most suitable and which shower screen fits what you want.

We have a wide variety of dishes, extra-flat and non-slip, among which you will surely find the one you were looking for. With the shower screens you can also take between them if you want it with screen printing, anti-limescale, frontal, in vertex…

Once you have chosen the shower tray and the screen, you only have to choose the tile that we will use to cover the area that remains free after removing your old bathtub and accessories.

What we recommend and do 99% of our works, is to put tile that maintains a line but that makes contrast and thus differentiates the shower area. It is practically impossible to find the same tile as the existing one, besides that after so long the tones change.

Once the budget is accepted, it is only necessary to mark a date to change the bathtub and enjoy a new shower.

Our team arrives early in the morning and removes the old material then we proceed to install the chosen material. In just a few hours we have managed to renovate the bathroom to enjoy it daily.

We will advise you depending on the space, needs and tastes to make it easy to get rid of your old bathtub and release your new shower with all the comforts that entails.

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