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Experts in complete reforms

Are you looking for a company of reforms in Alicante province? We suggest you have the SoloDucha team.

Our company has been offering its services for 30 years in new constructionsintegral reforms or partial reforms. We can help you start a project from scratch, renovate a home completely or change a particular space.

We have professional specialists in all fields: masonry, plumbing, electricity, painting, interior carpentry, exterior carpentry, locksmithing, plaster … Like our technicians: project, permits, energy certificate …

In each of the cases we prepare a free quote without commitment with very competitive prices.



The microcement is relatively new in the reform world and got many number of possibilities.

Is a decorative coating with a cement base, resins and different additives that only need a thickness between 2 or 3mm. This feature allows to apply across the surface that exists. Can be treated walls and floors.

It´s got hardness, resistance and elasticity.

It´s completely waterproof doesn’t need any dilatation joints, that’s why it is possible to be applied in swimming pools, and bathrooms and showers.

It has got in a wide range of finishes (shine, matt, satin finish…) and offers infinite possibilities to provide a personalyzed touch.

Printed Concrete

The printed concrete pavement, consists of continue slabs with extra-hard aggregates. Then is coloured with pigments and later aplicatted the forms. Finally is sealing with resin to protect the surface and giving the final appearance.

It’s excellent for the exterior surfaces (parkings, pools, gardens… It only needs a good compacted surface and be able to incease around 10cm.

Can obtained different appeariances (paving stone, wood, stone…) and there is a full spectrum of different colours to give the personal touch.

The finished outcome turns into a antiskid surface, easy to wash and very wear resistant.

Is a fast and economic solution and durability.

Natural or Ecofriendly Pools

Do you want to enjoy a natural pool?

This type of pools has two different zones, one is intended for swimming  and the other is composed by acuatic plants and gravel.

Natural pools have a natural purification and there is no need of usual pool cleaning products(chlorine, algaecide, flocculant) depuration is done  thanks to a regenerating filter and the natural part of the pool, making an  eco-filtration. 

Natural pools can be made from the beggining or retraining some parts of a normal one, they are easy to maintain, its price is not much more than a normal pool and you will enjoy apleasant  place.

Ask for a budget without commitment.

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