How wash towels so they last longer and in better shape

Over time the towels tend to break down, become thinner and absorb less. That is why it is important to follow a couple of tips so that they are in good condition for longer.


When you release towels it is advisable to wash them first to remove the excess of softness due to a product used by manufacturers to give them a better appearance.
It is advisable to wash them separately to avoid rubbing with other garments and not mix colors.
Use half the detergent you use regularly. It is not necessary and they will dry more.
It is also important not to fill the washing machine to its maximum capacity so that they have more space for a good washing.
As a general rule it is recommended not to use softener so that the fibers can be more absorbent.
Adding a glass of white vinegar or ammonia (250ml) in the final rinse prevents the detergent from sticking to the fibers and the result is not rough. This is even more important if the water in the house is hard.


The high temperatures of the dryer do not give good results. It is preferable to choose a program with low temperature.
You can also try putting a dryer ball or a tennis ball inside so there is less friction between the clothes and the air circulates better.
If you do not use a dryer keep in mind that they are not on the clothesline for a long time and avoid excess heat.


It is not very usual to iron the towels, but if you do it because they have some decoration that requires it, it is better to do it with the iron that is not too hot.

I hope the tips are useful and enjoy the towels!


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