Ideal temperature for a shower

Our body suffers the changes of the different seasons. Therefore, the effects and care have to adapt to the changes.


With the heat, sweating is inevitable and that makes us need to shower more regularly. In addition to needing the feeling of freshness that gives us water.
It is advisable that the temperature is not less than 18º and that we do not spend more than 10 minutes to avoid possible subsequent cramps.
In winter, conditions are different. The low temperatures and the wind make us feel cold and a hot shower is always nice. To avoid suffering the natural layer of our skin, we must consider some tips. The ideal temperature ranges between 29º and 37º of temperature. We must also take into account that we do not spend more than 20 minutes underwater.
In any season of the year it is important to use products that do not affect the pH of the skin and sponges that are not too rough. Use a little stronger sponges in localized areas (elbows, feet …), or to activate circulation.


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