Thinking about changing the bathtub for a shower tray? Roger that !

Currently it is very common to see renovated bathrooms in which the bathtub has been forgotten and has been transformed into a comfortable shower, seems to be settling down as if it were a fashion as, increasingly, the reforms in bathrooms are made with dishes of shower and not with bathtubs.

The showers offer multiple advantages: they save space, access to them is much easier and safer than to a bathtub, they save water and also money. If you have elderly people in the home, they will appreciate the ease of access to it, but if this is not the case, you will be the one who enjoys the benefits of a shower every day.

Reforms of bathrooms with shower trays: the new fashion.

And it is that the available designs, for the reforms of the bathrooms in which the installation of a shower tray is requested, offer infinite possibilities:different distributions of space,great variety of innovative materials that facilitate maintenance and cleaning.
Add storage areas with different uses (washing machine, cupboards, shoe rack …). Very useful for owners who do not want to move to clean clothes or for small houses, especially for those kitchens where there is only one hole and its inhabitants must decide between having the washing machine or the dishwasher, why settle with only one of them?different styles (classical, avant-garde, minimalist, modern, baroque …), etc.

We changed your bathtub for a shower in just one day!

Hiring our professionals it will not cost you more than a few hours to have your shower tray installed and, in addition, with prices that will surprise you! Take a look at our offers or tell us what you want in our contact form …

Do you live in Valencia and want to change your bathtub? Ask us!

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