Tips or tips to enjoy a more spacious bathroom


The mirrors always give more amplitude and if they are also placed in a landscape we will get a feeling of more space.
We can find them integrated in the same bathroom furniture but we can also choose to be completely independent, with or without shelves. It will depend on your tastes and needs.

Accessories for storage

If you keep the order in the things of cleanliness, towels, small appliances …, you get a feeling of greater amplitude besides that it facilitates locating the things at the time of needing them.

Change the bathtub for a shower

In addition to gaining space, by changing the bathtub for an extra-flat, non-slip shower tray, you will have a more secure and functional area.
The change does not have to cause a lot of inconvenience for the home because it is done in a single day. The family can take a shower in the morning and the next day you have the area ready but with the change made.
There are different colors (white, cream, gray …) and textures to choose (slate, granite, tile …).
SoloDucha has a department specialized in this work and different offers that can be adapted to what you need.

Light colors

If you do not have much space, it is advisable to use light colors to increase the feeling of space. You can use elements that give a touch of color as accessories, paintings, plants, swimwear …


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